I Wish You Rainbows: A Prayer for Self Acceptance

May you find your rainbow, your miracle, your peace in the fog today.

Today I wish you rainbows. I wish you the bravery to take a deep breath and forgive yourself for being so you, so human, so beautiful and sacred and perfect and fallible and messy all at one. I wish you the fierceness to show up for your life. To accidentally talk too much. To say … Continue reading I Wish You Rainbows: A Prayer for Self Acceptance

Three Steps to Find Your Voice

Have you ever scrambled around trying to find your glasses, only to realize twenty minutes later they were perched on your head the whole time? Finding your creative voice feels that way too. You search, you wonder, you pray, you take classes, you read every trending article about how to find your voice... until you … Continue reading Three Steps to Find Your Voice

People Want to Support You

Have you ever thought about just how supported you are? Let’s take a moment to inhale, exhale, and consider this in full color: Have you thought about every single human who has ever complimented you, appreciated you, admired you from afar? Have you thought about how many people have ever “liked” your facebook status, prayed … Continue reading People Want to Support You

Your Art Is Not Meant For Everybody

Your art is not meant for everybody. Some people just aren't going to like it. And the sooner you can accept this + embody this + embrace this, the sooner you can move past the clawing fear of being criticized. Let people have their own opinions and preferences. It's not worth an ounce of your … Continue reading Your Art Is Not Meant For Everybody

Back to Our Roots

“Painting is easy when you don’t know how, but very difficult when you do.” ~ Edgar Degas   My very first blog post was the best one I have ever written. I posted it six years ago, and with every year that passes I cherish that piece even more. Sometimes around 3 PM at my day … Continue reading Back to Our Roots