Don’t Put On The Brakes

So you’ve hit a moment in your life when everything is falling into place.

You landed the boyfriend, the job, the apartment, the publicity opportunity you’ve been manifesting. You emerged from some confusion and found your vision, your posse, your Life Purpose, or at least a few long-lost notes from middle school to guide you on your way. You’re feeling giggly and sparkly. You smile a little more, you eat a little healthier, you pace around the hallways a little less.

Stop for a second. Honor where you are – steep in the wonder and awe of it all. How did you even get here? How could it get any better than this? Wasn’t this your ultimate dream once upon a time?

Deep bow of gratitude for everything you have accomplished.

Now keep going.


When things are going well, it can be tempting to stop asking for more. “I finally made it!” we declare, thinking we can wisely sip our ginger tea and look back at our lives from the much-evolved end of the road.

But what happens when a new opportunity pops up? Will you approach it with the gusto you once had? Or will you shift away, content with the new life you’ve made, mumbling “That would be unreasonable, I don’t have the time…. or money…. or know-how… and I’m happy just the way things are.”

Our new situation in life becomes our new comfort zone, no matter how far we have come. Just The Way Things Are becomes the new bubble we cling to. When your life starts looking like a juicy conglomeration of abundance, don’t put on the brakes – expand yourself. Let the floodgates open wide.

Life is cyclical, and this isn’t the end of your unfolding. When we are centered in gratitude, we can access the kind of unlimited thinking that feels forced and mechanical otherwise. We get to daydream about our future and actually believe it. We get to see how far we can stretch our visions without worrying how we are going to resist collapsing into sobs in the middle of the sidewalk.


When things are going great, keep asking for more. Write that novel you always suspected you had in you. Take that trip to Costa Rica that your family is hesitant about. Ask your boss if you can move to the New York office – unabashedly, willing to be brave and resilient in the face of a No.

Keep yearning. Keep stretching.

We still have a lot to transform in this world – a lot of projects that are waiting to be birthed, a lot of kindness to dole out, a lot of unhappy people who need shoulders and yoga mats to cry on. We need you to stay awake, to cut through the muck and have those difficult conversations and stretch your spirit further than you thought was possible.

Dozens of dreams lie dormant in you that you haven’t discovered yet. New challenges await you that you don’t realize you are prepared for yet. As more abundance flows in, you will make different choices about how to spend your time – do I hire help? do I make this change so I can reach more people? – and those choices will expand your impact even further.

Just don’t go on autopilot. Don’t get too comfortable.

Revive your hunger. Be insatiable.

Your successes so far are just a sliver of your successes to come.

And you still have some stretching to do.


Peace and Endless Expansion,



Reach, Stretch, Grow, Keep Going, Even When It's Hard, Repeat.... xx
Reach, Stretch, Grow, Keep Going, Even When It’s Hard, Repeat…. xx


Do you have a story about reaching big and surpassing your loftiest expectations? Are you feeling stuck and not sure how to take the brakes off to begin with? Share your wisdom in the comments section!

3 thoughts on “Don’t Put On The Brakes

  1. Dear Kelsey:
    Great writing, so true!
    It is unbelievable how much we can Soar and Uplift in Life with intentions, visions, dreams, effort, connecting with the Energy and Flow of Life, Spirit, potentialities.
    Though nicknamed Sunshine in my teens, many losses befell me later on.
    Yet, I choose to still approach life with awe, wonder, openness, gratitude and purpose. Each day brings blessings. Ever more time to send out more blessings too. Look to this day!

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