Sifting Through Words

This is my sitting at my desk, wearing my “weekend outfit,” trying to figure out how to wrangle all of my soulful written content into… something:

It turns out that I create a ton of stuff. I write all the time — but in my own hot mess highly-disorganized way, my words end up everywhere. Lots of words are in my journal, lots are on Instagram (written on the fly in spurts of creativity throughout the day). Some words are here on my blog, but not all of them.

While a big part of me wants to take everything I’ve written on social media in the past few years and post it on my blog for the sake of simplicity (and SEO), every time I try to go through my old posts… it feels like the neverending tunnel. I’ve made so much that it’s daunting to sift through.

I guess that’s something to be proud of — it’s like the opposite of “Writer’s Block.” But right now it feels overwhelming, like I’m creating all this stuff and it just disappears into the cracks on the internet. It’s hard to look back and find the patterns in my work. I have one book to show for it, and a lot of “likes” along the way… but what does that really leave me?

I’m sharing this because there’s no need to act perfect on the internet. No one’s life is perfectly curated all the time, so why should our blogs and facebooks and Instagram feeds look that way? A positive attitude + sense of appreciation will get you through a lot of things, but sometimes you will still end up here, overwhelmed and alone, squinting at your laptop on a Sunday + resisting the urge to throw it out the window.

My friend and coach Kim Hohman (seriously check out her website here, she’s incredible) once posed this question to me: “If it didn’t have to be perfect, what would you do?”

So for now I’m sitting with that question. IF it was okay to be hot-mess-highly-disorganized-writes-on-the-fly me, and IF those traits were just going to have to become part of my process (because I do truly love those aspects of myself, and let’s face it, they’re not changing)… then what would I do next?

I love you. May your mood be better than mine right now. May you embrace the wild characteristics of yourself today and every day, knowing that there IS a way through every block — even if you can’t see it yet.

And may you face your challenges unapologetically, knowing that as you move through them you will develop the strength to teach others how to move through them too. May you lend a hand. May you share what you learn. May we all keep plugging along together.

Peace and Words and Keeping It Real,