Kelsey Horton shares the best creative writing book for beginners

Are you struggling to become the successful writer you know you can be? My book Robot Coconut Trees: Break Through Writer’s Block, Unleash Your Creative Voice, and Become the Writer You Already Are will help you access the untapped creativity inside you and start writing like never before.

Fiercely jump-start your writing practice through stories, exercises, inspiration, and fun writing prompts. Discover how to:

– Daydream, journal, and freewrite your way to fresh writing ideas
– Tap into your innate childlike creativity
– Muster the courageousness to face the blank page — over and over again
– Break through limiting beliefs of guilt, doubt, perfectionism, and writer’s block
– Unapologetically share your finished work with the world

I share the story of how I went from keeping my writing dreams buried under the weight of “Real Life” to creating finished pieces and sharing them with readers around the world.

You are capable of moving from hiding to shining, from apathetic to empowered, from “Maybe I could write someday…” to “I am a writer.” The world needs your light, your heartbreak, your dazzling stories, and your unprecedented self-expression. Now is the time to begin.

If you like honest advice, prompts that push you to the next level, and raw, inspiring passion, then click below to buy Robot Coconut Trees.