Bring Your Dreams to Life Training Series – Video 2

Welcome back to my three-part training series on bringing our creative dreams to life! Today we're talking about how to move through self doubt and imposter syndrome -- including an exercise where we move through imposter syndrome together in less than ten minutes Grab a glass of water and join the party 🙂 Watch Video … Continue reading Bring Your Dreams to Life Training Series – Video 2

Own Your Talents

The things that come naturally to you, the traits and talents that flow out of you so effortlessly... those are yours to do. You are here to grow and smile and expand and do more of those things. The fact that they come so naturally to you is a GOOD thing. You're good at them! … Continue reading Own Your Talents

I Trust This Day (A Prayer To Start Your Morning)

Dear God/Spirit/Universe/Higher Power/Life, I trust this day. I trust this space where I am standing, and I know that I’m exactly where I need to be. I know that this phase of my life is both its own unique chapter and an apprenticeship to something greater. I am strong enough to hold that paradox. I … Continue reading I Trust This Day (A Prayer To Start Your Morning)

Back to Our Roots

“Painting is easy when you don’t know how, but very difficult when you do.” ~ Edgar Degas   My very first blog post was the best one I have ever written. I posted it six years ago, and with every year that passes I cherish that piece even more. Sometimes around 3 PM at my day … Continue reading Back to Our Roots

Hover in the Hesitation

Since my last blog post, I moved away from Illinois (where I have spent my entire life), and I'm writing this post from the couch of my new apartment in Austin Texas. I left my prairie homeland, and in front of me await the opportunities of exploration and change and growth that come with that experience. I … Continue reading Hover in the Hesitation