Bring Your Dreams to Life Training Series – Video 2

Welcome back to my three-part training series on bringing our creative dreams to life!

Today we’re talking about how to move through self doubt and imposter syndrome — including an exercise where we move through imposter syndrome together in less than ten minutes

Grab a glass of water and join the party 🙂

Watch Video 2 here

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Video 2 Homework and Resources:

  • When we’re in the thick of our emotions, it can be hard to distinguish that our self-doubt isn’t real. What are some common phrases that your self-doubt uses?
    • Example: The moment things feel hard or uncomfortable my self-doubt says “Nah, you didn’t want it that badly anyway — let’s just move onto something else.” It’s a sneaky way to sabotage any forward progress.
    • Once you know what common phrases to look for, you can be more aware of them when they run through your mind. Question these thoughts as you have them: “Is that really true? Or is that just my self-doubt speaking?”


  • Make a list of all the reasons you ARE qualified (and be sure to include the life lessons and experiences that brought you to where you are!). Refer to this list the next time you feel Imposter Syndrome


  • Affirmation: My creative dreams were given to me so that I could bring them to life. It is safe for me to share my heart with the world. It is safe for me to play a bigger game.


  • If you loved tapping, Brad Yates has tons of incredible tapping videos on YouTube. My current favorites are Playing Big, Bad Habits (for hair pulling/skin picking/nail biting), Clearing Anger, and Allowing Great Things. Sometimes when I’m really struggling with something I just type “Brad Yates _____(insert my problem)     _” into Youtube and tap with whatever video it suggests.


How did you like tapping?! If you have any questions or want to share your breakthroughs & creative dreams, comment below — I will be here to respond and help you. Keep your eyes peeled for Video 2 — coming September 21st

3 thoughts on “Bring Your Dreams to Life Training Series – Video 2

  1. I had never heard of tapping prior to this — luv the concept & plan on using it [not relevant to your message but watching you is deja vu — you look just like your mom when we were in high school only her hair was much curlier] — look forward to more videos

    1. Thank you so much Robin — I’m so glad you loved the tapping concept, and I absolutely love your note that I look like my mom! I unfortunately didn’t get the extra-curly hair 🙂 Sending you lots of love as we all navigate this life experience together ~Kelsey

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