I Trust This Day (A Prayer To Start Your Morning)

Dear God/Spirit/Universe/Higher Power/Life,

I trust this day. I trust this space where I am standing, and I know that I’m exactly where I need to be. I know that this phase of my life is both its own unique chapter and an apprenticeship to something greater. I am strong enough to hold that paradox.

I am open and curious to whatever Life holds for me today, and I face the challenges of today with presence and fierceness and grace.

I take responsibility for my life knowing that I have the power to change any situation that no longer feels radiant. I own my part, and I transform my own contributions to all dysfunction.

I know God drew a circle around my feet today, and even if I can’t fully see the bigger picture or lessons right now, I trust that this space is where I need to be. I drop all pressure to be somewhere other than where I am.

I let the heaviness roll off me, and I sit in this moment – lung capsules expanding, pulse deepening, grateful for my body as a sacred container to carry me through my day.

I bless myself. I speak words of affirmation to myself all day long, knowing that it is safe to celebrate and enjoy who I am. I look for things to appreciate today, and I love what I find.

I let myself feel anger, confusion, sadness, and jealousy when those feelings wash over me, and I resist the urge to gloss over them with denial. It is safe to be real. It is safe to be myself in all of my power and shadow and light.

May I show up more boldly. May I trust that I am being guided in all ways.

May I speak my truth, even when it feels impossible. May I love the people in front of me.

May I remember that the dazzling goodness I seek is already right here. It’s closer than my breath. It permeates the edges. It seeps into the skin.

May my work serve the world.

And so it is.

May we trust the dazzling goodness. xx

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