Own Your Talents

The things that come naturally to you, the traits and talents that flow out of you so effortlessly… those are yours to do.

You are here to grow and smile and expand and do more of those things. The fact that they come so naturally to you is a GOOD thing. You’re good at them! Congratulations!

(Now go develop and take action on your gifts 😉)

Everyone who is drawn to you can see this so clearly. When are you going to allow yourself to see this too?

This has been one of my biggest confusions. Someone will compliment my writing, or will say my coaching completely altered their life, and I’ll immediately think “Ehh — anyone can write inspirational stuff online. Anyone can help people. It’s whatever.”

STOP yourself in those moments. Notice how quickly you rejected yourself.

It isn’t true that everyone is good at the exact things you are. Wipe that belief away and replace it with something that feels warmer on your heart.

Your talents just come so naturally that you don’t see them for the gifts that they are. The missing link is that you haven’t owned the fact that they are truly TALENTS.


Here’s what that looks like for me: all of the books on my shelves are poetic or self-helpy or inspirational. All of the art in my apartment is wild and colorful and usually has some sort of whimsical word or message.

My clothes are colorful. And I’ve been this way forever — my first inspirational article was published in a magazine when I was 9.

While working at a 9-5 job, I spent countless hours on evenings and weekends getting certified to practice Reiki, to teach yoga, to life coach, to officiate weddings.

When people asked “Wow, how do you have the energy to do all that?” I gave them a confused look. Those passions are what energized me all along. Without them, I would have been a lethargic floating mess.

I spent a year of my life writing and publishing a book, working at it so intensely and unflinchingly that my boyfriend and I came very close to breaking up during that time.

I have written every day, religiously, for decades. I have flown around the country to take classes with spiritual teachers. When I had extra money, these are the things I would spend it on.


That is who I am. That is what I am good at. You would think I would have OWNED and embraced that quickly, but I didn’t.

I wavered, I wobbled, I hesitated, I tried to be “normal” even though I knew it wouldn’t work. I wondered if I should bother being a leader and artist in this field. I wondered if I was just insane, chasing pipe dreams that internet marketers had sold me.

I would take a giant step forward… then freeze and let my online presence languish. I hoped that maybe there was a nice normal job out there where I wouldn’t have panic attacks in the bathroom and constantly feel like a fish clinging for air.

All of that wobbling was because I was scared. I was scared of what it would look like to just help people and write flowy things on the internet all day. I was afraid that who I am at my core would never be enough.

And I’m not alone in that — every day I meet people who are afraid that who we are isn’t good enough. And I want to shake us collectively, but also tell you that I’m here with you.

In the moment. In the flesh. Present to the messy unfolding.

Just for today, let’s forget about being well-rounded. Let’s forget about looking over your shoulder and wondering if the “Life is supposed to be hard” police are coming for you.

Let’s forget about fitting in. Let’s stop overthinking our talents. Let’s say “thank you” a little more.

Let’s be present to the unique incredible beings that we are, glowing neon at our cores, giving a little more of our light into the world.

You are two seconds away from the miracle. Your hand is on the switch. The Universe is waiting for you to make your move. Let today be the day that everything changes.

Peace and Wild Ownership,


2 thoughts on “Own Your Talents

  1. Being who we truly are meant to be is miraculous, wondrous, awe inspiring.
    And at this phase of my life, I am extra happy that I have done just that, followed my journey and path to be a therapist, naturalist, photographer, fellow yoga teacher-mom, friend, world traveler, meditator, birder. These paths have led to great inner peace. May you always follow your Soul’s path, too.

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