Curious and Positive: Taking the Pressure Off Your Future

Do you ever feel like your arms are being stretched in two directions, caught in a tug of war between worlds? Like you used to know where your life was going, but you took a few minutes to meander to the side of the road to smell the bluebonnets, and now you can barely remember … Continue reading Curious and Positive: Taking the Pressure Off Your Future


I Trust This Day (A Prayer To Start Your Morning)

Dear God/Spirit/Universe/Higher Power/Life, I trust this day. I trust this space where I am standing, and I know that I’m exactly where I need to be. I know that this phase of my life is both its own unique chapter and an apprenticeship to something greater. I am strong enough to hold that paradox. I … Continue reading I Trust This Day (A Prayer To Start Your Morning)

Taking Our Talents Seriously

“What begins as something like a dream will in fact stay a dream forever unless you have the tools and the discipline to bring it out.” – Ann Patchett   When I was nine years old, I published my first article in a children’s fashion magazine. I was about to start fourth grade, and I … Continue reading Taking Our Talents Seriously

Forgiving Ourselves

It occurred to me that I haven’t made this life-altering announcement on my blog yet: I published my first book! I planned on promoting Robot Coconut Trees on my blog before sharing it anywhere else. I wanted to celebrate my writing milestone on this online space that started it all – this little blog where … Continue reading Forgiving Ourselves

You Are Not A Broken Toy

You are not a broken toy. Your arm is not imprinted with the bite marks of a brother or friend or dog or frazzled mother. You are not plastic. You were not manufactured on a nameless assembly line. You are not abandoned in a spider-haunted corner of a child’s closet, a casualty of the newest … Continue reading You Are Not A Broken Toy