3 Reasons Why Your Writing Feels Stuck

three reasons why your writing feels stuck

"Blogging just seems kindof easy for me, you know?" I told my friend over the phone, explaining my predicament. After years of creating positive social media and blog posts, I wasn't sure what to make next. Did I want to write another self-help book? Did I want to stretch myself and write a novel? Or … Continue reading 3 Reasons Why Your Writing Feels Stuck

Safe and Trusting: A Grounding Prayer

grounding prayer

I wrote this grounding prayer to help you come back home to yourself in moments of doubt, confusion, and anxiety. I hope it helps you center into the present moment & tune into the miracles that are unfolding right here, right now. xx Kelsey * * * It is safe to be where I am. … Continue reading Safe and Trusting: A Grounding Prayer

2018 Year in Review

2018 in review kelsey horton

Hi gorgeous readers, I meant to post a round-up of my 2018 sometime in December. An end of the year blog post... at the end of the corresponding year. Makes sense. But here we are -- January 11th, 2019. And somewhere between the warm quiet feeling of the holidays, starting a new weekend job at … Continue reading 2018 Year in Review

Three Steps to Find Your Voice

Have you ever scrambled around trying to find your glasses, only to realize twenty minutes later they were perched on your head the whole time? Finding your creative voice feels that way too. You search, you wonder, you pray, you take classes, you read every trending article about how to find your voice... until you … Continue reading Three Steps to Find Your Voice