Bring Your Dreams to Life Training Series – Video 3

Welcome to the third and final video in my series on how to bring your creative dreams to life!

In this video we talk about time — how to manage it, how to drop the guilt over taking time for ourselves, and how to break our work into bite-sized tasks to cut through the feeling of overwhelm.

(And if you missed Video 1 or Video 2 — be sure to check them out too!)

Watch Video 3 here

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Video 3 Homework

  • Affirmation (you can write this down, program it in your phone, or say it to yourself in the mirror): I forgive myself for all the ways I have used my time. I am in the right place. I am right on time. I release the guilt from my past and look forward to the creative miracles ahead of me.


  • Identify two steps that will move you closer to your creative dream — each taking less than 15 minutes to complete. If you have an idea for a possible step but it feels overwhelming — break it down into a smaller chunk that you can do easily. Plan on doing 1-2 of these items in the next week.


  • Say no to something on your schedule this week. Reschedule, cancel, decline an invitation, postpone something. Start getting used to the idea that your dreams matter more than other people’s expectations of you.


  • Write a poem! The first line of your poem is: I’m not perfect… I’m so much more.
    • Write that line on a piece of paper, and then let yourself freely start writing whatever comes to your mind after that.
    • Your poem does not have to be “literary,” it doesn’t have to be “good,” it doesn’t have to rhyme. The point of this exercise is to flex your creative muscles and have a little whimsical fun, while also reinforcing how amazing you already are.
    • Bonus points if you share your poem with someone you trust, on your social media, or with me!


If you have any questions, ideas, breakthroughs, or poems that you want to share… comment below, and I will be in the comments to support you!


Peace + Transformation,


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