Safe and Trusting: A Grounding Prayer

grounding prayer

I wrote this grounding prayer to help you come back home to yourself in moments of doubt, confusion, and anxiety. I hope it helps you center into the present moment & tune into the miracles that are unfolding right here, right now. xx Kelsey * * * It is safe to be where I am. … Continue reading Safe and Trusting: A Grounding Prayer

Goodbye, I Love You: An Ode to 2015

“I live in a state of joyous anticipation, as well as quiet realization” – Ernest Holmes   At the end of each year I publish a celebratory blog post kissing the year goodbye (check out my 2012, 2013, and 2014 versions if you want to see me grow up before your eyes). Here is my … Continue reading Goodbye, I Love You: An Ode to 2015

Let It Be

  Let it be easy. Let it happen slower than you wanted, let it frustrate you, let the existential realizations hit you in the produce aisle when you least desire them. Let the beads of water drip messily off of your bunch of cilantro, pooling into your lopsided green basket, the shellshock that your life … Continue reading Let It Be

When Fear Goes Into Hiding

Lately I feel like I'm up-leveling, on the cusp of everything, gaping wide-eyed at my life as it finally starts to resemble the life I have always wanted. I just finished writing the manuscript of my first book, and I plan on publishing it myself in February 2016 (unless a lightning bolt of divine synchronicity … Continue reading When Fear Goes Into Hiding

Welcome 2013!

Every year, I hear the same round of complaints against New Years resolutions – “they’re lazy,” “no one sticks to them anyways,” “if you really wanted to change your life, you wouldn’t wait until New Years.” And every year, despite the New Years Grinches, I have a tremendous burst of enthusiasm towards making lofty resolutions … Continue reading Welcome 2013!