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Someday, I’m going to be a writer.

That was my mantra for most of my life. I had homemade collages of Margaret Atwood and Jack Kerouac peppering my walls, I had a deep desire to write books, and I had stacks of journals full of my private writing… but I was hiding. I didn’t believe I was good enough to call myself a “writer,” so I never shared my thoughts or my work.

I didn’t know how to begin my creative journey, so I kept telling myself:

Someday… when I have more time. Someday… once I have money. Someday… once I know what my genre is. Then I can start.

Someday… I will feel creative + soulful + free + on-purpose. Just not today.

Someday. The word feels so heavy and ominous, much like how I felt as I dragged myself out of bed every morning knowing that I was once again going to neglect my dreams.

The thing about Someday is… it never comes.


I’m Kelsey Horton, an author and creativity coach. I help aspiring writers, artists, and influencers bring their passion projects to life and share their work with the world.

Things have changed dramatically since my “Someday” days. After neglecting my creative dreams for years, I started this blog that has helped thousands of readers around the world break through stuckness and write their hearts out.

I published my first book: Robot Coconut Trees: Break Through Writer’s Block, Unleash Your Creative Voice, and Become the Writer You Already Are.

And now I offer private coaching for writers, artists, and creatives who are ready to get unstuck, release the incredible creative force within them, and unapologetically share their work with their growing audience. More info on that here.


Even though writing is my natural creative medium — this website isn’t solely for writers.

It’s for anyone who wants to wake up, show up, and take action to create a bigger, bolder, and more expansive life… while also practicing deep compassion for themselves at every point along the way.

Tall order? Yes.

Are we up for it? Absolutely.

Whether your art form is writing, or painting, or making ice cream, or showing up as the brightest parent and partner you can possibly be – it’s time to step further into your greatness. It’s time to burn a little brighter.


Peace + Creative Miracles,


Kelsey Horton writing her book Robot Coconut Trees
Mirror selfie on the night I started writing my first book from my motel room in Santa Fe, New Mexico — 11:11 PM


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