Shedding Our Cocoons

"And then I said to the world: You will see me. You will hear me. I am not afraid. -- The day I left my damn cocoon so I could fly.” -- Cleo Wade   The weeks immediately before and after New Year’s Eve are my favorite time of the year. I love knowing that people all over the world … Continue reading Shedding Our Cocoons


Goodbye, I Love You: An Ode to 2015

“I live in a state of joyous anticipation, as well as quiet realization” – Ernest Holmes   At the end of each year I publish a celebratory blog post kissing the year goodbye (check out my 2012, 2013, and 2014 versions if you want to see me grow up before your eyes). Here is my … Continue reading Goodbye, I Love You: An Ode to 2015

Au Revoir, 2013: A Tribute

I love the fresh start of a new year. Every December I daydream in the realm of possibility - I envision the person I want to be, all of her blossoming wishes and truths, and I paint a picture in my imagination of how my efforts in the next year will support me on my … Continue reading Au Revoir, 2013: A Tribute