Share Your Heart, Self Publish Your Book

This training video and resource guide is for anyone who is “self-publishing-curious.”

Maybe you want to write a book, but the idea of navigating the publishing industry feels like just another set of hoops to jump through.

Maybe you already wrote a book and want to share it on your own terms. Or maybe you’re ready to stop waiting for “Someday” and publish a freaking BOOK already!

After my experience self-publishing my first book Robot Coconut Trees, I learned how simple and fulfilling the process can be. This training will demystify the process & give you the tools to jump into action, pump up your confidence, and publish your book.

In this training video, I cover:

  •  How self publishing works + how to know if it’s the right path for you
  • The step-by-step process I used to publish my book — including writing it, using beta readers, hiring an editor, and handling cover design and formatting
  • The exact authors, blogs, books, and resources that helped me learn the ropes
  • The self-publishing mistakes I made with my first book… and how you can avoid them

I also guide you through several tools that will help you move out of your current paradigm and into “Published Author Energy.”

When you purchase this training, you will receive:

*1 previously recorded “Share Your Heart, Self Publish Your Book” training video (86 minutes)

*1 PDF resource guide that includes all the resources, authors, and links I share in the video (2 pages)


**You will receive the training + PDF document in your email after purchasing! You can only download the files 4 times, so be sure to save them to your computer after downloading for lifetime access. Contact Kelsey with any questions or technical difficulties