Browsing positive quotes on Instagram is great. Reading self-help books is wonderful. Attending weekend workshops where you get pumped up about your purpose again can be amazing.

But working one-on-one with a coach is the most impactful and personalized way to:

— Build momentum around YOUR dreams

— Identify the specific thought patterns and habits that are stopping YOU

— Step into the knowingness that YOU are seen, supported, creative, and capable

— Spend time completely focused on YOU and your dreams with someone who gets it and has been in the trenches

As your coach, I am 100% in your corner. In our sessions you can come exactly as you are, and you will feel heard, affirmed, and understood.

You talk. You decide what we work on. I ask questions, hold you accountable, help brainstorm, gently reveal and poke at your limiting beliefs, and remind you of the vibrant creative goodness that you truly are.

From that point of total self-acceptance, your immediate next steps become more clear. A sense of deep self-trust rolls out in front of you. Our sessions are your soft place to land, a place where I support you in doing the inner and outer work to shine as brightly as you were meant to shine.

Our work may feel uncomfortable at times as you excavate and step out of your old paradigms — but our sessions will never be a place where you feel like you need to work harder, feel ashamed, or be different than who you are.

Together we will cut through the overwhelm, make it all feel achievable, and direct you on your way — filled with the tools, confidence, and self belief to carry your projects to life

I coach writers, artists, and big-hearted creative people because I am one. I have been where you are and continue to unravel new layers of growth every day.

Who I Work With

I help creative people unleash beautiful lives where their outsides match their insides.

Our coaching can take different forms depending on your current situation —  from helping you navigate a quarter-life crisis to providing accountability while you write your book. Here are the types of clients I work with best:

* You are a big-hearted creative person who wants to make an impact. You have always felt like you don’t quite fit in. You are deeply familiar with the “What am I doing with my life?!”-type frenzy.

*While your life is fine on the surface… you’re ready for a life that looks and feels more authentic. A career where you can make a true heart-centered impact. Friendships that warm you to the bones.  Deep love. Miraculous synchronicities. More belly laughs.

*You always suspected you were made for something bigger, and you’re ready for that “Something” to feel more immediate.

*You feel creatively blocked. You’re ready to find your voice again and tap into your gushing infinite creative flow (Fellow writers and artists…. I’m looking at you here 🙂 )

*You want to revive your creative mojo after a hiatus, slump,  break, or redirection.

*You’re ready to write a book, start a blog, or embark on a giant creative project that has been tingling in your fingertips.

Client Love

The Investment

I have several price points to suit your unique desires + budget:

FREE 30-Minute Coaching + Discovery call (New Clients Only)

Soulful coaching from my heart to yours. At the end of our session I will share information about my paid coaching packages if you would like longer-term support.

Includes one 30 minute coaching session.

**This option is for first-time clients only. If you’ve already used your free coaching call, select a paid option below instead

Single 60 minute Coaching Session – $180

Are you looking for a boost of inspiration, clarity, and confidence? Are you ready to get to the core of a current challenge in your life, see it differently, and move forward with ease?

This option is also perfect if you’ve already coached with me before and would like a touch-up of support.

Includes one 60 minute coaching session

*2 month “Vibrant Creative Restart” Package Includes five 60-minute coaching sessions + unlimited email support from me: $825

*4 month “Vibrant Creative Transformation” Package Includes ten 60-minute coaching sessions + unlimited email support from me: $1,500


**Payment plans are available for the Vibrant Creative Restart + Vibrant Creative Transformation packages**


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