Wedding Speeches

I love helping you find the perfect words to capture your emotions during the most important times of your life.

Whether you’re celebrating your wedding, mourning a loved one, or desire a professionally-crafted tribute to a friend or family member that will bring tears to your eyes — I would be honored to help channel your stories and emotions into a speech everyone will love.

I have years of experience as a wedding officiant, ghostwriter, writing coach, and giver-of-wedding speeches, and the blend of these perspectives has given me a unique glimpse at how to create a memorable and engaging wedding speech, ceremony, set of vows, or tribute speech.

Wedding Toasts

You want to express your love, gratitude, and appreciation to your , and you know it’s an honor to be asked ot give a speech.

But if the date is approaching, the anxiety is overwhelming, and the Writer’s Block is real: you don’t have to go it alone.

I can help you write the perfect Maid of Honor speech, Best Man’s speech, Wedding Toast, and more. My years of experience as a professional ghostwriter, a wedding officiant, life coach, and bridesmaid all blend together to make this a seamless process.

You will emerge on the other side with a personalized speech (no templates here!) that encapsulates your spirit, your sentiments, and your relationship with the bride or groom. Contact me for affordable pricing details.

Wedding Vows

“Let’s write our own vows!” your partner declares, and your insides churn with horror. You agree reluctantly, time passes on, you finally cut through the avoidance & procrastination, and you sit down to write your vows.

And nothing comes out.

And your wedding date is… probably coming up quite soon 🙂

Contact me. I can interview you and whip together some authentic and heartfelt vows that your partner will love.

Wedding Ceremonies

If you’re having a friend or family member officiate your wedding, I would love to ghostwrite your wedding ceremony.

If you don’t have an officiant yet, I can also officiate your wedding ceremony! (References available, based in Austin, Texas)

I can also write your wedding toast, maid of honor speech, best man speech, and any other wedding-related speech that you may find yourself giving. Contact me here.


Why wait until your loved ones have passed to celebrate their goodness publicly?! I will interview you & create a short essay (think: long Facebook post) that you can use to celebrate a loved one in your life.

Perfect for birthday gifts, Mother’s Day and Fathers Day gifts, and more. Let’s chat here to see how I can help wordsmith your love and appreciation into a gift they will never forget.

I can also write funeral speeches and social media tributes to honor your loved ones who have passed. Contact me to discuss how I can help ease some of your commitments during this difficult time by taking the writing off of your hands.