Welcome to My New Creative Writing Facebook Group!

I love writing stories and love letters for you here on my blog. I’m never going to stop.

But what I’ve been craving lately is a community.

A place where heart-centered creatives can have back-and-forth conversations about writing, publishing, creativity, confidence, editing, and the creative process.

A place where writers at any level can feel welcome — whether you’re publishing your 8th book or just starting to feel the inkling of “I feel like I have a story in me, but I don’t really know where to start…”

So I made a closed creative writing Facebook group where we can find each other. It’s called The Radiant Writing Haven, it’s free, it’s a little bit spiritual, it’s a LOT bit supportive, and it includes things like:

— Endless opportunities to share your writing, blog posts, podcasts, books & creations.

The vast majority of my writing coaching clients struggle with an underlying nausea-inducing fear that sharing their work is sleazy & egotistical. (It isn’t. Your stories and writing are of high service to the world and deserve to be read.) Rip the band-aid off and practice sharing your work within this safe and supportive writing cocoon.

— A safe space to share your writing wins and frustrations with people who understand you.

Have you ever told your family “Sorry I can’t make it to yet another family barbecue this weekend — I need to hunker down & focus on my book” only to be met with disbelief, accusations of being selfish, and comments about how you “should just give up and learn to be happy with what you have”?

Yeah…. no. Writer-shaming doesn’t exist in my creative writing facebook group. The Radiant Writing Haven is a place where you can come as you are with your writing challenges & find support around topics like how to fit writing in with the rest of your “Real Life.”

Video trainings, meditations, affirmations, and exercises from me.

Because I love you and that’s how I roll.

— Relationship-building that will pay off when you launch your next writing project.

One month before the launch of my first book, my blog went viral from participating in a Facebook group.

I didn’t even do very much: I just showed up in someone else’s Facebook group and shared a post from my blog, and a thought leader with 500,000 Facebook fans loved my work & shared it with her fans. You never know where these connections might lead.

Come join us in the facebook group (you just need to answer the 3 entry questions to get approved).

Peace + Snazzy New Writer Friends,


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Join us here!

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