Creative Project Coaching

Are you ready to get unstuck and launch your creative project into motion?

You are a dynamo. A passionate force of light with so much goodness and potential to contribute. No one has ever seen the likes of you. As your creative coach, I will help you:

  • Build momentum and excitement around your passion project
  • Focus on the action steps that will actually move you forward
  • Strengthen your belief in yourself and your work
  • Grow your audience, reach more people, and stand out from the cacophony of voices online without burning out
  • Use positive accountability to turn your “Maybe I could do that someday…” creative ideas into living breathing passion projects

Who I Work With

Our work is completely customized to your desires —  from helping you write your book, launch your blog, make progress on your creative business, or regroup on a stalled creative project. I have worked with fiction and nonfiction writers, coaches, bloggers, fashion entrepreneurs, jewelry designers, florists, and fabulous creative people who aren’t quite sure yet what direction to take.

My clients share these characteristics:

You’re multi-passionate and have an entrepreneurial spirit, but right now you’re spinning your wheels without making any progress. You’re juggling six half-finished projects, feeling scattered, and reading tons of articles and freebies about marketing without taking real action on your creative project.

You’re also watching people on social media who are doing exactly what you want to do, and you feel defeated. Thoughts like “why should I bother with this?” spin you into overwhelm, comparison, and stuckness.

You are a big-hearted creative person who wants to make an impact. You aren’t just creating for cash (although obviously getting paid would be amazing too) — you want to share your story and create a revolution in your audience.

You have always felt like you don’t quite fit in. You are deeply familiar with the “What am I doing with my life?!” frenzy and are ready for it to be part of your past.

While your life is fine on the surface… you’re ready for a life that feels deeper and more authentic. A career that you actually enjoy. Friendships that warm you to the bones.  Deep self-acceptance. Miraculous synchronicities. More belly laughs.

You feel creatively blocked, and you’re ready to revive your creative mojo. You’re ready to start a business or embark on a book, blog, or creative business that has been tingling in your fingertips.

woman working on her passion project

How Does Creative Project Coaching Work?

Our sessions are a positive place where we focus exclusively on you. I ask provocative questions that move you forward, and together we notice the limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck. We brainstorm action steps, I hold you accountable, and I’m an open book for any questions or advice that will help you.

I’m not an intense bootcamp-style coach. I believe that self-acceptance mixed with brave action steps can take you farther than guilt, shame, or hustle culture could ever dream. I will remind you of how vibrant you are and how much your work is needed in the world, but I’ll also challenge you to stay on schedule and keep moving towards your goals one step at a time. I will believe in your dreams in those moments when you struggle to believe.

paper that says don't let them stop you

Each session takes place on Zoom or over the phone. I’ll send you a pre-coaching questionnaire, and in our first session we will go over your answers and get clear on what we’re working towards.

You will come to each session with a topic for us to discuss. In between sessions you will have unlimited text and voice support from me, as well as a homework assignment that we develop together. Typical homework includes affirmations, visualizations, meditations, self-care activities, mirror work, tapping, journaling, letter writing, or taking action. 

For our work to be effective, you will need to be open to trying on new perspectives and taking action between sessions. You are always the ultimate authority on your life, so I’m never going to pressure you to follow exactly what I say. But here’s the hard truth: to get different results, you will need to be willing to think and act differently than you currently are — even when it’s uncomfortable.

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Client Love

“My perspective has shifted from a place of judging myself and wondering why I wasn’t able to achieve my goals, to one emphasizing compassion for myself and the incremental steps I can take to improve my situation. I felt my guilt & doubt evaporate!” ~Mar C.

“In our session I received validation that my feelings were real, and the reminder that I have the ability to honor those feelings and find solutions. Our conversation is what FINALLY pushed me to ask myself what I was passionate about and how I want to spend my time.

After a couple months of introspection, prayer, and bullet journaling, I mustered up the courage to head down a path I never thought I could. I got a new job that will free up some time and allow me to go back to school for something completely different than what I was doing before. I think Kelsey was made for this work!” ~ Allison T.

“Kelsey helped me to understand, accept, and appreciate that my desires for a fulfilling life and career truly matter. Before her coaching, I felt pressure to make choices that I thought I “should” make, even if those conflicted with the choices that I wanted. She helped me find the sweet spot of harmony between those two poles of pressure and desire. 

Through Kelsey’s coaching, I felt empowered to make the career shift that I feared. She helped me understand that the shift need not be permanent. The shift was an experiment, and she helped me make my peace with not knowing exactly how it would turn out. I’m still in the career field that this shift led me to, and I’m very happy here.

Even more so, I’m happy with the new framework that Kelsey’s coaching helped me build – one that is more open, flexible, and joyful. Thank you Kelsey!” ~ Hayli H. K.

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Creative Project Coaching Rates

Every coaching session is uniquely tailored to what you need in that moment. You can expect to get clarity, strategy, and support on topics like:

  • Moving forward on your passion project — no matter how long you’ve been stuck
  • Overcoming imposter syndrome, comparison, and procrastination
  • Feeling motivated and believing in your talents and mission again
  • Fitting your creative dreams into your busy schedule
  • Creating a content strategy so you can reach more people organically

To get started with your creative coaching — book a 30 minute coffee chat with me here. I like to meet folks first, go over your goals, address any questions, and do a mini coaching session so you see results immediately.

Single Coaching Session – $85

Ready to change your life in 50 minutes? My coaching sessions are a positive sanctuary where you can focus on your creative projects, goals, and how to get there. You will leave each session feeling understood, re-energized, and with clear action steps to take next. Creative coaching sessions are held over Zoom or locally in Austin, Texas. I can’t wait to help you bring your dream to life!

Before we do a session, click here to schedule a free coffee chat. If we click and it feels like I can help you, I will send you a booking link for future sessions.

Bundle of 4 Coaching Sessions – $306 (10% Savings)

Coaching is most effective when we meet regularly so I can check in on your goals, hold you accountable, and navigate both the exciting experiences and the artistic challenges together. Single sessions can revitalize your life and business, but if your budget allows, I see the most sustained success with my longer-term clients.

To that end, I offer discounted bundles of 4 creative coaching sessions so we can continue our work together. Sessions are held over Zoom or locally in Austin, Texas.

Before we do a session, click here to schedule a free coffee chat. If we click and it feels like I can help you, I will send you a booking link for future sessions. 4-Pack Coaching Bundles Expire 120 Days After Your First Paid Session.


What’s the next step if I’m interested in coaching with you?

If we haven’t met before, I highly recommend you book a free discovery call / coffee chat first. We will meet over Zoom and chat about your goals, what you’re hoping to get out of coaching, and if I can help you with that. It’s not exactly a coaching call, although sometimes some coaching sneaks in 🙂 From there you can pick a package and move forward.

How is creative project coaching different from business coaching?

I work with creatives who want to get unstuck on their books, businesses, creative endeavors, blogs, book proposals, personal brands, fashion and jewelry lines… so oftentimes there is a business component to our work, particularly if you want to monetize these passions or already have!

However, not everyone wants to make money off their creative work – and that’s perfectly okay. I have worked with incredibly talented people who thought they wanted to take their passion project full-time, but ultimately realized that they love having it as a side project instead.

Two things can be true at once: Making money from our creative work can be so fulfilling… AND capitalism doesn’t have to dictate your next steps.

As for me, over the years I have launched a book, blog, coaching business, freelance ghostwriting business, wedding officiant business… as well as created and/or managed brick-and-mortar concepts like a farmer’s market and coworking space. Some of these projects have been for money, and some of them have been simply for fun.

So if you want some creative business strategy, I can help you. But if you mostly want to build up confidence and gain accountability and move forward without trying to sell anything, we can joyfully focus on that too.

Why should I hire a coach if I can just do my creative project on my own?

I don’t believe anyone “needs” a coach. I have seen WAY too many manipulative marketing practices in the coaching industry, and I try to stay away from all of that.

To me, this is similar to asking “Why should I hire a personal trainer when I can just do YouTube videos at home?” or “Why should I go to a salon to dye my hair when boxed hair dye is so much cheaper?” You CAN do these things on your own, and nothing horrible will happen. The world won’t collapse, and you’ll save a few dollars!

But working with a coach gives you the accountability of working with a professional, and it helps provide an outside perspective. Most of us creatives are working on our projects alone, so we’re simply too close to them: it’s hard to see where we are blocking ourselves or what exactly is stopping us. So a coach can save time by pointing out these obstacles and providing outside strategy and ideas, as well as reminding us of our own strength and power.

Hiring a coach can also signal to our subconscious mind “Okay, I’m serious about this project right now.” You don’t hire a personal trainer unless you really want to commit to fitness in that season of life, right? Coaching is the same way. You are making a commitment on your calendar that your project matters and is worthy of time, intention, and investment.

The question I encourage you to ask yourself before hiring me is “Why haven’t I done my creative project on my own? Why haven’t I made the progress I have been wanting?” If the answer is that you are stuck, or you feel confused on which direction to take, you need more structure and accountability, or you are burnt out and procrastinating… then working with me could be a really positive and powerful experience.


Email me at and I can help!

kelsey horton

About Kelsey

I spent years denying who I was.

I always knew I was an artist, and I knew I wanted to write books, coach people, and provide daily motivation to thousands of people.

Those desires felt too grandiose and scary to admit… so instead I created a life based on what I thought I should want. I went to college, got a whole office daytime career, and tried to fit in. Since people pleasing ruled my life at the time, I only made decisions that my parents and friends would approve of.

I kept repeating “I don’t know what do with my life!” and running into roadblocks until I was dizzy from the sentiment. Underneath my confusion – I knew what I wanted. But I was afraid to embrace the truth, and I was overwhelmed by the notion of carving my own path.

I stayed in one place, spinning my wheels in frustration, praying every night to just be “normal” and to not care about things like writing books and following my life purpose. I shielded my eyes from the reality that “normal” was never going to satisfy me.

Once I started to embrace my differences, declutter my beliefs, and take action — life opened up. I started a blog. I decided to stop waiting for someone to discover my writing, so I wrote a book and self-published it. I went to every training that I could find and afford.

I developed a sense of hope, got my brightness back, found a job managing a coworking space (which fits my personality so well!), and have built a number of profitable passion projects of my own including this coaching and ghostwriting business. I’m still learning and growing on every day of this journey, but the bottom line is I remember who I am, and I feel alive again. And I want to help you feel alive too.