Writers and The Hatching Process #Guestblogger

The creative process is messy and miraculous, full of stops and starts and dizzying self-questioning.

Check out my newest post that I wrote as a guest blog for Blondewritemore. She is a committed writer based out of the UK, and I am just so grateful that we live in time where the words we write can “go international” so quickly 🙂

Peace and Time Zone Changes,



We are now in for a real treat Blondewritemore readers, as the amazing and super talented blogger Kelsey Horton has agreed to do a guest post (cue the round of applause and excited faces). She has even brought with her an adorable little chick to go with her post (I do love guest bloggers who bring me little cute things) so without further ado let me introduce Kelsey.

Kelsey Horton is a Chicago-based writer and sustainability do-gooder who writes about stuckness, empowerment, and full-tilt shining at KelseyNic.com. You must check out her blog.

Ok Kelsey…Blondewritemore is all yours:

Writers have a knack of getting in our way.

We read a piece of someone else’s writing and gasp at its crispness and truth, but our own pen plunks against the page. We want our writing to soar, but the words come out cramped and hollow.

We compare our fledgling works-in-progress to someone…

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